Suppression of Token Volatility

Utility tokens of almost all blockchain games that have scaled to a certain level and achieved a certain scale of hits have the following utility token price movements: In the early stages of the game, the utility token price rises as user inflows increase, creating a major boost. Speculators who do not play the game buy a large number of utility tokens in the early stages of the game and raise the utility token price., They sell out when the prices start to fall, making large profits.

However, as soon as the user inflows stop, the utility token price falls rapidly and the economic balance collapses. Large profits made by speculators mean that someone is losing money, which in most cases is the game players.

This is the so-called 'Ponzi Scheme' that typically occurs in blockchain games.

In "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-", the $TSUBASAGT Balancer will conduct trading of utility tokens ($TSUBASAUT) to prevent the price of $TSUBASAUT from excessive rise and fall of the token price together with multiple mechanisms to sustain the $TSUBASAUT price as long as possible.

Here are the three mechanisms to maintain the $TSUBASAUT price.

① $TSUBASAUT Balancer

If the $TSUBASAUT price becomes higher than the upper threshold, $TSUBASAUT is sold to limit the price increase. The $MATIC acquired by selling $TSUBASAUT will be stored in the Balancer Pool.

If the $TSUBASAUT price falls below the lower threshold, we will buy $TSUBASAUT to suppress the price drop. The $MATIC required to buy $TSUBASAUT will come from the Balancer Pool.

The values of the upper and lower thresholds are varied according to the situation.

If only utility token purchases occur on the TSUBASAUT Balance, the $MATIC in the Balancer Pool could run out. In that case, a “Balancer Fee” will be set on top of marketplace transaction fees, which will be added to the Balancer Pool. Using this, we will purchase utility tokens to stabilize the $TSUBASAUT price.

All $MATIC in the Balancer Pool will only be used to stabilize the price of $TSUBASAUT and will not benefit the team.

② Adjustable Transfer Fee

Adjustable Transfer Fee is charged when taking utility tokens out of the game in order to give prioritize players type 1.

The Transfer Fee is varied within the following ranges, depending on the price of the utility tokens and other factors.

Situation - Transfer Fee (%)

  • Initial: Normal Situation 20%

  • Maximum: Critical Situation 50%

  • Minimum: Optimistic Situation 0%

③ Utility Token ($TSUBASAUT) Withdrawal Limit

In this project, will prevent utility token price crashes from occurring by putting a limit on the overall amount of withdrawals per day. Users will not be able to take their Spending Wallet utility tokens out of the game if they exceed the allowable withdrawal amount for that day.

*本作ではユーティリティトークン価格が維持されやすい複数の仕組みを導入しますが、これはユーティリティトークンの価格が高騰/暴落しないことを保障するものではありません。 *We do have multiple mechanisms to maintain the token price, but this does not guarantee that utility token prices will not soar or crash.

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