Inheritance(Special moves and Skills)

With the β€œinheritance” feature, player NFTs can inherit a special move or skill to another player NFT by paying a certain amount of $TSUBSAUT.

This can be done between NFTs of the exact same character.

How to use

  1. Select a skill or a special move.

  2. Select the character who has learned the skill or special move you want to inherit and the character you want to inherit the skill or special move to.

  3. When you select the skill or special move you wish to inherit, the cost is calculated.

  4. Pay the cost to complete the inheritance.

About Cost


The cost to inherit 4 skills is the following: 400 x 4 = 1600 $TSUBASAUT

If you want to inherit Golden Combination Lv1 (x1.6) and Aurora Curtain Lv1 (x1.52) to Ozora Tsubasa: 160+152 = 312 $TSUBASAUT


  • You cannot inherit skills and special moves with the Tsubasa of Pack 1 and Pack 2.

  • When a player has inherited a skill or special move, the original skill or special move will be deleted.

  • The special move and skill slots of the player to whom you are inheriting the skill or special move must be open.

  • Special move slot 1 cannot be inherited.

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