Realizing a Sustainable Economy

The Importance of Maintaining the Token Price

Blockchain games allow you to obtain utility tokens while playing the game. Getting rewards while playing the game is one of the revolutionary aspects that blockchain games has brought to the table.

However, if all users sell the utility tokens they have earned, the price of it can easily drop. If the price of the utility tokens go down to 1/10, this also means that the user's reward goes down to 1/10.

In order to maintain an economy where users are able to keep playing the game long-term, it is important to create a stable and rewarding situation, i.e., to maintain the price of utility tokens. The key to achieving this is to balance the amount of utility tokens users can earn and spend.

The goal we want to achieve is to keep players enjoying "Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS-" for many years to come. To achieve this, we have put in place various mechanisms to maintain the price of the utility token.

Spending Tokens While Enjoying the Game

In order to maintain the price of tokens, players need as many token utilities as which they earn. In "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-", we have prepared a variety of token spending points that allow users to develop and strengthen players while enjoying the game.

One of the traits of this game is that it has almost no upper limit to enhance players (NFTs), especially for the PvP mode. You can have the ability to strategically strengthen your favorite players and enjoy playing against stronger opponents and gain bigger rewards. Below are ways to achieve enhancement that are also token outlets:

□ Examples of in-game training

  • Player Mint

  • Level up players

  • Recover Physical condition

  • Refresh Fatigability

  • Release Support Slots

  • Level up Support Characters

  • Acquire Special Attacks

  • Level up Special Attacks

  • Acquire new Skills

  • Level up Support Equipment

  • Open Treasure Boxes

  • Purchase PvP Tickets

  • System fee

Adding New Game Modes

We plan to add new game modes that allow players to play with their enhanced players so that fans can continue to enjoy the game.

We also aim to create a highly sustainable ecosystem by providing fresh content that will keep players coming back for more, such as events, NFT collaborations, and the addition of special moves and other new features.

More updates will be announced soon.

Maintaining Utility Token Prices, Including Those Outside the Game

In "Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS", we will strive to maintain the price of utility tokens by creating token outlets inside the game ecosystem. This will help level the earn-spend balance of the utility tokens.

However, in reality, token prices are also greatly affected by the trading of speculative users who do not play the game.

In "Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS-", the following three mechanisms will be implemented to maintain the utility token price, providing users with a stable, long-term income and ensuring that they can enjoy the game for many years to come.

  1. $TSUBASAUT Balancer

  2. Adjustable Transfer Fee

  3. Withdrawal Limit of $TSUBASAUT

For more information, please visit the Tokenomics section.

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