Before the Match

  1. Select Rival card

  • Select which Rival Card piece you wish to take.

  • You cannot select a Rival Card that you have never held a piece in the past.

  • The number of players required depends on the rival card.

2. Select Piece

  • You can select any Rival Piece from the selected Rival Cards.

  • You cannot select a rival piece that has reached its possession limit.

3. Choose Opponent

  • Select an opponent from the users displayed in the list of opponents.

4. Form Team

  • Form team to participate in the battle.

5. Select GK (Goal Keeper)

  • Select the goalkeeper you want to use when you play against each other.

  • There are two types of goalkeepers: free players and premium goalkeepers (players that can be purchased in the shop).

  • For more information, see the chapter 'About Goal Keepers'.

Basic Rules

  1. Select Players and Commands to use in the battle.

  2. The battle begins your selected Player vs. the opponent's player. Skills and other buff effects are activated here.

  3. The player with the higher RP (RivalsPoint) wins.

  4. 1-3 is repeated for a maximum of three turns.

  5. The User with more wins is the winner.

Rewards: Rival Pieces

  • If the user wins a PvP match, the winner will receive the target Rival Piece, while the loser will lose the target Rival Piece.

  • If the user loses the match, the rival pieces cannot be taken away and the rival piece of the winning opponent remains the same.

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