Match Preparation

Flow of events before a match

  1. Select an opponent

  • Five opponents will be displayed (The opponents with similar records will be selected.)

  • The opponent's RP will be displayed, unlike in PvP mode.

  • Unlike PvP mode, the opponent cannot be changed by reloading the screen.

  1. Team Formation

  • The team will consist of 11 players (10 players + 1 goalkeeper).

  • At least one of the players must be level 30.

  • Goalkeeper can be used with PvP mode.

  • You cannot have more than one player with the same name on the same team.

  • Players registered in a team cannot be listed in the marketplace.

  • Goalkeeper characters cannot be used for team composition. (Examples of GK characters: Wakashimazu, Espadas, etc.).

  1. Pre-match buffs

  • You can optionally add a buff before starting a match.

  • Buffs are available for both $TSUBASAUT and $TSUGT.

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