🛒Shop/ Market Place

There are two places where users can acquire players and items needed for the game: the Shop and the Marketplace.

In the Shop, users can purchase and trade items that are being sold, and in the Marketplace, users can trade items from each other.

Shop (Coming Soon)

The following items can be purchased in the store:

  • PvP Ticketx3

  • PvP Ticketx21

  • GK Rental A (7 days)

  • GK Rental B (7 days)

  • Wakashimazu

  • Ricardo Espadas

  • Zino Hernandez

  • Wakabayashi

  • Salinas

  • Deuter Muller

  • Arena Ticket Arena Ticketx10


The following items can be traded between users in the Marketplace:

  • Mint Scroll Common

  • Mint Scroll Uncommon

  • Mint Scroll Rare

  • Refresh Item

  • Point Reset Items

  • Mint Count Down Item

  • Command Card Reset Items

  • Proficiency Reset Item

  • Proficiency Limit Break Item

  • Property Reset Items

  • Recover Stamina Item

  • Comeback Player Item

  • Fusion Support Item

Items you have listed on the marketplace could be checked from the "SELLING" tab.

*It will not be shown in your "MARKET" tab.

Player Trading

  • The Fatigue level of Players (NFT) must be reset to 0 before they can be listed on the Marketplace.

  • If any Support Character is equipped to the Player, it will be automatically removed and returned to the user's inventory.

  • Skills and Super Techniques will remain on the Player.

Marketplace Transaction Fee

The basic sales commission fee of the marketplace is set to 6%.

*Depending on the balance in Tokenomics, an additional commission may be added as an adjustment fee.

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