Player mint

What is a player mint?

  • The creation of a new player (called a "child player") using two players in your possession (called "parent players") is called "minting."

  • The new player will appear as an unopened "player pack."

  • When minted, two packs will appear at a certain probability.

Mint Ingredients

For Player minting, you will need the following items:

  • Parent Player x 2

  • Mint Scroll x 2

  • $TSUBASAUT for mint cost

Mint Scroll

  • To generate a new Player, two "Mint Scrolls" of the same rarity as the parent Player to be used are required.

  • There are five rarities of Mint Scrolls.

    • Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic / Legendary

  • Mint Scrolls can be obtained from Treasure Boxes that come as gameplay rewards.

Example of Mint Scroll usage:

  • If you want to use two Common Players as "parent Players", you need two Common "mint scrolls".

  • In the case of an Uncommon Player and a Common Player, one Uncommon mint scroll and one Common mint scroll are required.

Mint Cost

You must spend $TSUBASAUT for Player minting.

The cost at this time is determined by the rarity of the parent player and the number of times it has been minted.

Mint Limits

Mint Limit

Each Player may be used max 7 times for Player minting.


After a player has been minted, 48 hours must elapse before the player can be minted again. The same cool time applies to players acquired from the Marketplace, and you must wait 48 hours after acquiring them before using them as the parent of a mint.

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