Physical Condition/Refresh

Physical Condition

  • Each time you play RIVAL Mode, each player's "Physical Condition" will accumulate.

  • If the physical condition exceeds a certain level, the amount of $TSUBASAUT to be earned through the game will decrease.

  • If the physical condition is 50% or less, the $TSUBASAUT reward will decrease to 90%, and if it is 20% or less, to 10%. For details, please refer to the page "Reward: TSUBASAUT".

  • The amount of Physical Condition can be recovered by spending $TSUBASAUT. The amount of $TSUBASAUT required for recovery depends on the rarity and the level of the Player.

Physical Condition System

  1. Physical Condition Value: The value of fatigue each time a player plays a game

  2. System Value: System value, subject to change

  3. Parameter: Range of system values

To reduce Physical Condition,

  1. Develop Resilience parameters

  2. Equip support characters (type/level)


  • The more a Player is used, the faster the Physical Condition gets bad.

  • Players can be refreshed to get out of the state of fatigue.

  • To refresh, $TSUBASAUT must be spent. The amount of tokens required depends on the number of refresh cycles and the rarity of the player.

Refresh System and Costs

What is Fatigability?

  • When energy consumption in RIVAL mode exceeds a certain level, the Fatigability (speed of getting tired) will increase.

  • Refreshing will reset the accumulated Fatigabilityof each player. This requires $TSUBASAUT which differs depending on the rarity of the Player. The Refresh cost also increases as the number of Refreshes increases.


If the player's cumulative energy consumption does not exceed 30


If the player's cumulative energy consumption exceeds 30

  1. Fatigability: Value indicating the state of being fatigued

  2. System Value: System value, subject to change

 *Formula is subject to change.

Refresh costs

RarityTSUBASAUT required for refresh


130 TSUBASAUT x Refresh times


160 TSUBASAUT x Refresh times


220 TSUBASAUT x Refresh times

The first refresh of the Common is 130 x 1 = 130 TSUBASAUT The third refresh of the common is 130 x 3 = 390TSUBASAUT

Play strategy using refresh

As you continue playing the RIVAL mode, the Physical Condition of players will start getting bad easily due to the accumulation of fatigue.

Therefore, it is necessary to “Refresh” the player.

The large Refresh cost may be the reason for the misunderstanding that it is impossible to increase $TSUBASAUT during the gameplay.

At the beginning of the game, TSUBASAUT is also required for player level-up and many other utilities. Therefore, considering the refresh cost you may feel that the amount of TSUBASAUT consumed by that player is more than the amount of TSUBASAUT gained by that player.

We have designed the system so that as long as the players have stopped leveling up, the amount of TSUBASAUT earned is greater than the refresh cost after the second refresh.

However, it is possible for the refresh cost to exceed the amount of TSUBASAUT earned if the refresh is repeated a number of times since the cost will increase each time.

If you want to maximize the difference between the amount of UT acquired and the amount of TSUBASAUT consumed, you need to stop refreshing the same player at the right time, instead of repeating the refresh.

TSUBASAUT acquisition change over time (image)

The graph above shows a sample using 1 Player.

The red horizontal line shows where the “TSUBASAUT gained — TSUBASAUT consumed” exceeds the mint cost when the mint cost is used as the initial cost.

The amount of TSUBASAUT earned will depend on: the player’s initial parameters, the stats used when leveling up, the supporting character, and the results of the game.

Maximum Level of Players

How far to raise the level of players is an important strategic factor.

(Left) When stopping at a low level: Since UTs are not consumed to level up, the amount of gained UT quickly exceeds the amount consumed. Although the overall amount of gained UT is sluggish because of the low level.

(Right) When raising the level to maximum: Since UT is consumed to level up, it takes time until the amount of UT gained exceeds the amount consumed, but the overall amount of gained UT is greater because of the higher level.

It is up to the user’s training strategy whether to stop training at a low level and increase UT acquisition early by reducing consumption or to continue training to a high level and play to acquire more UT.

Please note that the strategy could change if you think proficiency-based.

Why Develop Multiple Characters

If you are used to the blockchain game “STEPN”, you may be familiar with separating the usage of your “main” shoe and your “energy” shoe.

Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” is designed with the premise of training multiple characters if you already have purchased multiple players.

We hope that users will enjoy the game and maximize the amount of UT they earn while training multiple characters, rather than just one.

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