🎯Project Goals

From the Producer

Hello everyone. I am Shun Fujiyoshi, the producer of "Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS-".

I am a big fan of Captain Tsubasa and was lucky to have been part of several Captain Tsubasa games as a game developer.

The new experience that blockchain games have brought us has fascinated me, and I have been thinking about what I could possibly create using this new technology while spending a lot of time playing blockchain games as a fellow gamer.

The inspiration for this project was the feeling inside me saying, "I want to play blockchain games with my favorite IPs and characters".

It has been a while since the common saying "blockchain technology has brought new game experiences" has been established. Although from a gameplay perspective, I think there is yet space where we could build engaging content for users.

And here, my goal is to spread the word about "Captain Tsubasa," a work that I truly love, and to create new entertainment out of it.

I am humbled to take this exciting challenge together with everyone.

In this white paper, I would like to introduce some of the challenges and solutions for blockchain games that we believe must be overcome to make it happen.

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