Value Enhancement in $TSUGT

With the release of ARENA from Sep 2023, “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-” will change from a game based on the consumption and acquisition of $TSUBASAUT to a game where the management and community work together to improve the value of $TSUGT.


  1. Creating demand for player NFTs

The introduction of “ARENA”, a PvP game with 11 players, will create demand for a large number of player NFTs.

  1. Function to reduce the total amount of player NFTs

In the “ARENA”, players will retire after repeated play, so it is necessary to perform fusions periodically to recover.

FUSION is a function that upgrades a player by spending multiple players, FUSION reduces the number of player NFTs from the total number of NFTs in the entire game.

  1. Expectations for stabilization of player NFT floor prices

Due to the need to purchase new players for the “ARENA” and the need to restock players for the “FUSION”, as a result, it is expected that the floor price of player NFTs will stabilize.

Reward Design of $TSUGT in ARENA

The $TSUGT, the Governance Token for “Captain Tsubasa — RIVALS”, is the core token of the game. 

Unlike $TSUBASAUT, where maintaining and stabilizing the price was important, for $TSUGT, the community and management will work together to increase its value.

  1. Basic $TSUGT Concept

In order to improve the long-term value of $TSUGT, we will realize a situation where “$TSUGT consumption > $TSUGT acquisition” in the game. However, we know that this alone is not enough to achieve the rewards expected by users.

  1. User Rewards

The total amount of $TSUGT reward will be calculated and determined based on past $TSUGT consumption and will not exceed the total amount of $TSUGT consumption.

This does not mean that users will not receive sufficient rewards.

Users will get item rewards in addition to the $TSUGT rewards as rewards from the “ARENA”. By successfully trading the items obtained from the item rewards, users will be able to increase their returns even more.

Burn of $TSUGT

In order to increase the long-term value of $TSUGT, we will aggressively burn $TSUGT consumed in-game.

Burn of $TSUGT will reduce the total amount of $TSUGT in the market and contribute to the scarcity of $TSUGT.

Also, the more users hold on to their $TSUGT, the lower the total amount of $TSUGT on the market, which in turn contributes to the scarcity of $TSUGT.

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