Reward: Rival Cards

Rival Cards

Rewards: Rival Pieces

  • If the user wins a PvP match, the winner will receive the target Rival Piece, while the loser will lose the target Rival Piece.

  • If the user loses the match, the rival pieces cannot be taken away and the rival piece of the winning opponent remains the same.

Rival Cards/Pieces

Each of the six divided Rival Cards is a Rival piece.

Once you complete a Rival Card out of 6 Rival Pieces of the same type, you can take part in a Gacha for rewards.

The rewards obtained as a result of the Gacha depend on the type of rival card:

  • PvP Only Player NFT

  • Player NFT

  • Support Character

  • MintCountDown Item

  • Point Reset Item

  • Command Card Reset Item

  • Proficiency Level Reset Item

  • Proficiency Level Upper Limit Breakthrough Item

  • PvP Buff Ticket

  • Mint Scroll

  • Proficiency etc.

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