Rewards are broadly divided into “ranking rewards” and “participation rewards”.

Ranking Rewards

  • Rewards will be given based on the ranking at the end of the season.

  • The top rankers will receive a fixed amount of $TSUGT in addition to the SpecialMatch.

  • Up to 50% of the top-ranked players will receive ARENA exclusive gacha tickets.


  • You can get the points for ranking by winning or losing matches in the ARENA.

  • The ranking is calculated in the priority order of points: wins > number of defeats > cumulative RP of opponents.

  • Users can view the ranking at any time. The ranking is updated once a day.

  • The following points are valid and counted as win points.

 ・If the challenging side wins 3

 ・If the challenging side draws 1

Participation Rewards

  • For every 10 games played during the season, tickets will be distributed for participation in SpecialMatch the following day.

  • SpecialMatch participation tickets will be distributed at the end of the day.

  • Gacha tickets will be given for each win of the specified number of times.

Lucky Prize

  • We will select users who meet certain conditions and give them $TSUGT as a special reward.

  • Conditions may change from season to season.

  • There may be seasons when there are no lucky prizes.

  • We are considering this as a campaign feature to make it more exciting.


Rewards that can be earned with gacha tickets are as follows

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