See PvP Rules for basic rules.

Differences from PvP rules

  1. Number of turns and win conditions

  • A soccer match is represented by 5 turns, alternating between offense and defense.

  • The winner is determined in 5 turns: offense, defense, offense, defense, offense.

  • Unlike PvP rules, there is a draw in ARENA.

  • You get 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw.

  1. Player selection, stamina and retirement

  • Up to two players can be used per turn, one as the main player and the other as a support player.

  • Stamina decreases as you select players.

  • The possibility of retiring a player increases as the player continues to be used.

  1. Number of gauges for special move commands

  • In PvP mode, the gauge for special moves is 4, but in ARENA it is 6.

  • The gauge can be used up to 4 in one turn.

 ▼ Consumption pattern  

  Gauge 1: 25% success  

  Gauge 2: 50% success  

  Gauge 3: 75% success  

  Gauge 4: 100% success

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