Parameter / VS Parameter

Each Player has two types of Game Parameters:

This is a parameter used in the RIVAL mode. It affects the efficiency of gaining $TSUBASAUTs and item drops in the game.

This is a parameter used in PvP mode and ARENA mode. It affects the game commands.

This section describes the types and effects of the two parameters.



There are three types of Player Parameters. The initial Parameter values vary for each player.



Affects the amount of $TSUBASAUT earned in RIVAL mode


Affects the Physical Condition in RIVAL/PvP mode


Affects the drop rate of Treasure Boxes in the RIVAL mode

Parameter Up

  • Users can enhance each Parameter by using Points.

  • Users get Points by leveling up their Player.

  • 1 Status Point adds 1 to Parameters


This parameter affects the amount of $TSUBASAUT that could be earned in RIVAL mode.

In RIVAL mode, the reward amount of $TSUBASAUT is determined by a combination of Efficiency, RP (Rival Point), Physical Condition, and game results.


This parameter affects the Physical Condition after each RIVAL/PvP mode match.

Every time a Player is used in a match, the Physical Condition of the player gets worse.

The higher the Fatigue, the less $TSUBASAUT to be earned.

The more Resilience you develop, the Physical Conditions are less likely to deteriorate.

*Please refer to this page for more information on physical condition and Fatigability.


This parameter affects the drop probability of Treasure Boxes.

In RIVAL mode, the Treasure Box drop rate depends on this parameter. γ€€ γ€€ *Luck value and drop probability per stage are related.


VS Parameter

VS Parameter is a player's ability value used in the PvP mode.

There are three types of VS parameters for each player. Initial values vary for each player.



Shoot/block commands are affected in PvP mode


Dribble/Tackle commands are affected in PvP mode


All commands are affected in PvP mode

The value of any VS parameter can be increased by distributing the Proficiency Level that can be obtained from RIVAL mode, Treasure Boxes, and Gachas. This is called "VS Parameter-Up."

For commands in PvP:

・Shoot/Block: (Power + Skill) / 2

・Dribble/Tackle: (Speed + Skill) / 2


Proficiency can be gained in Rival Mode, Treasure Box, and Gacha.

Proficiency is used to level up "VS parameters". By consuming proficiency, you can increase the value of any "VS parameter".

The ratio of proficiency used to those gained is 1:1. The value that can be increased by proficiency has a maximum value for each rarity.

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