About Skills

Skills are passive skills that every character has.

Each Player can learn up to 4 skills, which are mainly used in PvP mode.

Learning/Replacing Skills

  • When a player reaches a certain level, he/she can learn skills.

  • Select the Skill Slot and spend $TSUBASAUT to unlock.

  • Even if all four of the Player's Skill Slots are full, you can Overwrite them as many times as you want by paying the necessary $TSUBASAUT cost.

Skill Learning Cost ($TSUBASAUT)


Skill Activation

Skills that can be learned by each player are predetermined.

Each skill has a set activation condition and target player. When the conditions meet, the skill activates and the effect multiplier applies to the VS parameter, toward the specified target.

"For example, the following are the skills that Tsubasa Ohzora can learn.


Dribble +10

Player's dribble +10%

Dribble +20

Player's dribble parameter +20% (Trigger rate 70%)

Dribble Super Technique Enhance (Combination)

Player's dribble Super Technique +30% (Needs "Tsubasa Ozora" in the same team)

Shoot +70

Player's dribble parameter +70% (Trigger rate 20%)

Same Attribute Dribble +

+10% to Dribble skills of the same attribute as Player (Trigger rate 70%)

Shoot Special Technique Enhance (Level Boost)

Players shoot Special Technique +10% Additional effect depending on Player level (Max +60%, up to lv.15) (Trigger rate 50%)

Dribble Enhance (Combination)

Player's dribble parameter +40% (Needs "Taro Misaki" in the same team) (Trigger rate 70%)

All Parameter Enhance (Level Boost)

All parameters of Player +5% Additional effect depending on Player level if Player lv >20 (max +35%)(Trigger rate 70%)

Dribble Super Technique Enhance (Mint Boost)

Player's dribble Super Technique +10%  × # of Player mint history (max +70%)

Golden Combination

All parameters of Player "Taro Misaki" +30% (Triggers only on Offence turn)

Please check this document for more details about Skills.

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