RIVAL Mode Rewards

The following rewards can be earned in each stage. Reward contents vary depending on the stage.


  • Treasure Box

  • Rival Piece

  • Proficiency Level

You can also get bonus rewards other than the above by fulfilling conditions during your turn. This is uncovered as you play the game.

Acquisition system of $TSUBASAUT

  1. RP (Rivals Point): Rivals points/enemy parameters

  2. System Value: System value, subject to change

  3. Parameter: Range of system value

Increasing the amount of reward $TSUBASAUT

  1. Increase the total amount of Energy

  2. Raise the player's level and increase parameters

  3. Use Proficiency to enhance VS parameters

  4. Equip Support Characters to Players

Drop Items

Items may be dropped according to the Luck parameter of the Player, regardless of the result of the RIVAL mode match. Items that could drop are as follows:

  • Treasure Box

  • Rival Piece

  • PvP Ticket

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