Change log

8th Sep 2023 Update
  • Added "Value Enhancement" in $TSUGT in Project Goals
  • Added "Fusion", "Inheritance (Special Skills and Skills)", "Stadium" in Player NFT and Training Function
  • Added "How to play ARENA"
  • Added "How to play ARENA SpecialMatch"
14th Jun 2023 Update
  • Correction of the description of the rarity probability of players that can be acquired by opening player packs.
1st Jun 2023 Update
  • Added information about twin mints
  • Addition of items to be won in PvP
  • Changed opening cost of treasure chests, waiting time, and hourly cost
  • Added diagram of PvP victory conditions
  • Added unimplemented in the chapter "Rental" of the PvP mode of play
  • Removed the chapter "What is the organization of each rule" of PvP mode
  • Added items that can be bought and sold in the marketplace
24th Feb 2023 Update
  • Added information on Governance Tokens
15th Feb 2023 Update
  • Updated roadmap
  • Changed some chapters/titles to organize information
  • Corrected the description of Physical Condition (former "Fatigue Level") to reflect the name change
  • Added information on Governance Tokens
  • Added "Getting Started" chapter for new players
  • Added clarification on Tokenomics
  • Simplification of the description of tokenomics
  • Other minor changes in wording, including minor expression correction
22nd Jan 2023 Update
  • Add formula for calculating fatigue level
  • Add a formula for Calculating Fatigability
  • Specify the cost of refreshments
  • Specify strategies using refresh
12th Jan 2023 Update
  • Add Token contract address in “Tokenomics/Token Types” page
11th Jan 2023 Update
  • Rename “Super Techniques” to “Special Skill” to match the game UI
  • Correct the reward calculation formula in “Costs and Rewards” page
Before Change
After Change
  • Correct rarity labels on “Drop Items” page
Before Change
After Change
  • Add "How to start" section in "Gameplay"
  • Add “Security” page
  • Add “Change log” page