The base player NFT + another player NFT + cost is consumed to strengthen the base player one.


  • The player NFTs that have been enhanced will have their cumulative energy consumption returned to 0.

Example) If you fusion with a cumulative energy consumption of 50 and Refresh 1… β‡’The player’s Refresh count stays 0 β‡’Cumulative energy consumption will be 0.

  • Revival from Retirement in ARENA

Enhanced Parameters

  • PvP parameters will be enhanced.

  • Enhancement of $TSUGT Earn in ARENA special stage.

  • In addition, the same character (same pack) will have a certain probability of upgrading their skill slots. Example) In the case of Ozora Tsubasa (1st pack) + Ozora Tsubasa (1st pack)

Fusion Partner

The fusion partner must be a 1:1 pair with a NFT of the same rarity as the fusion source.

Although, there are alternative ways such as:

  • Use multiple NFTs of lower rarity

  • Use 1 NFT of a lower rarity with multiple items

Rank Up Fusion

At a certain probability during fusion, the player will be discharged with an upgraded rank.

  • The level will be returned to 1

  • Unallocated proficiency that has been acquired will be inherited

  • Learned Player skills and Special skills will be inherited.

*Proficienty that has been allocated in the past will not be inferited Example) Common Ozora Tsubasa+ other players = Uncommon Ozora Tsubasa

*Gen0 does not inherit when ranking up


The $TSUGT cost for a FUSION of the same rarity is as follows.

Even if the fusion partner is dropped to a lower rarity by using items, etc., the cost depends on the original rarity of the partner and the number of times the partner refreshes.

Quick Function Table

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