Creating a New Game Experience

NFTs with collectible value

Creating a new game experience with blockchain technology is a theme being explored by projects around the world. Until now, the investment potential of in-game items of blockchain games has often been featured and most of them were being played by users seeking only short-term return on investment (ROI).

In "Captain Tsubasa - RIVALS-" we aim to bring an even more exciting blockchain game experience by packaging the three art elements below:

  • Uniquely designed illustrations

  • Special attack animations

  • Generative BGMs

The game experience is enhanced by a set of in-game animations and BGM tied to the players' NFTs (illustrations).

The challenge is creating a new experience and sensation for users who are familiar with mobile games by creating unique NFTs for each character while allowing them to enjoy the game in the same way they have in the past.

To express the world of Captain Tsubasa, attractive illustrations, cool 3D animations for special attacks, and the game music cannot be missed.

The game's music was composed by Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO), a musician/producer who has been producing and remixing the music of various artists in and out Japan.

Fans can enjoy the world of "Captain Tsubasa" through these art elements and NFTs with collectible value. Fans will not be able to simply "collect" their favorite characters but also to literally "raise" their own one-of-a-kind character.

Please visit the "NFT" page for further info about the NFT.

Mobile Game-like fun and the Tension of Competition

In terms of the game experience, blockchain games tend to be pretty complex. In "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS", we intend to design it simple yet exciting with the thrill of making flexible and important decisions throughout the game.

Furthermore, the game incorporates the essence of mobile games that allows users to connect with others through the game. We have designed this with the goal of creating a new generation of blockchain games that are easy to play, even for users who are used to playing mobile games.

Whether you have played blockchain games before or not, whether you are a Captain Tsubasa fan or a newcomer, we believe that this game is engaging enough for you to enjoy to your heart's content.

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